Friday, November 21, 2008

Shut up shuttin' up

I’ve come to the conclusion that my massive abuse of grammar and English in general detracts from my purty pictures. So going forward, you’ll be forced to imagine my melodious voice singing about the intriguing flights of fancy and stories snug below the wool of each image.

But I expect I’ll post more often, so there’s that.

Canon PowerShot SD950 IS
12 MP/No Flash/ISO 80 。No Post Production

Monday, November 17, 2008

Another Planet

I was out on my trusty steed Saturday afternoon, scouting some unfamiliar territory for shooting when I spied a shiny barrel behind a Mexican restaurant. As hoped, it was only a cosmetic façade for the eyes of the customers and just behind I found this wonderfully decayed drum, reeking of cooking grease and iron oxide. It made me wonder if one of the recently discovered planets has a landscape this lovely.

Canon PowerShot SD950 IS
12 MP/No Flash/ISO 200 。Post Production in Photoshop

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sky Ladder

When I finally found the Sky Ladder hidden in an urban alleyway, I immediately understood why it has become so difficult for us to ascend. The real question for me was why in the world would I want to climb now when there was still so much to see?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Surfeit Abstractions

I would love to be writing about how I brilliantly conceived, carefully planned and meticulously labored over the creation of these mixed media pieces using the uncommon medium of fertilizer runoff on cement but instead, I merely took the time to notice what was happening and opportunistically capture it.

In a local suburban center there sits an enormous, warehouse-style church with a lush, expansive lawn. The grass is impeccably manicured - presumably to attract and retain potential members of the flock. This grand tribute to God’s abundance and all-American lawn aesthetic is about ten feet above street level and held in check by a cement retaining wall which suffers gloriously from the excess of chemical fertilizers used to beautify the church grounds and ends up creating a completely unique form of beauty.

Canon PowerShot SD950 IS
12 MP/No Flash/ISO 80 。No post production

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Post-Election Day Special

A good friend recently wrote to me describing how he differentiated our two presidential candidates to his young daughters as opposing cheeks of the same ass. While philosophically I agree completely, I am aware that as objects we all have a better side and thus voted in favor of the least offensive cheek this election. I have a habit of telling people how happy I will be when our country achieves my ideal democracy, populated by not just two or even three parties but a true multi-party system whose candidates represent wildly diverse political agendas but honestly, my inability to trust anyone who craves presidential power or excels at manipulating large groups of people will ensure continued political cynicism.

This image puts me in mind of our political system: broken, ineffective and impenetrable yet strangely interesting to behold.

Canon PowerShot SD950 IS
12 MP/No Flash/ISO 100 。No post production